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We value our patients' experience at Advantage Walk-In Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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I am always grateful for the wonderful staff and excellent treatment from the doctors. Thank you for making me feel so much better!


My son's back seized up completely after a sports injury. We found Advantage Spine and Disc right away and got him in to see the doctor. He went from literally not being able to walk to now being able to get around without discomfort. Our family has never been to a Chiropractor before so this is all new to us, but we are Amazed and SO appreciative of the work they have done to help our son and we will continue his treatment there as they have helped him exponentially!! Thank you!


The staff was kind and they treated me like family


Highly recommended! The entire staff from front office to medical, are friendly and super accommodating. Quick in and out and very effective treatments.


The staff is very courteous and professional!! I tried a different chiropractor in town before coming to Advantage. Dr. Nowland adjusted me on my first visit and I felt immediate relief...on my next visit, he built a plan for my schedule and budget!! I am very pleased with the results and my overall experience with Advantage Spine and Disc!!!


Dr. Ricks is awesome. The staff there is friendly and welcoming. They are a chiropractic office you can trust they know what they are doing.


Dr. Nowland is very knowledgeable and great at what he does. I won't go anywhere else!


A good friend recommended that I go to Advantage Spine and Disc for my back pain. I was skeptical, because other doctors have not been able to help much. (I was really skeptical about chiropractic therapy.) To my amazement, my back pain is now reduced from an intolerable pain level, to the point that I hardly know it's there! They are doing something right, and made a believer out of me! I highly recommend them!


I have seen Dr. Nowland several times over the last year for regular adjustments, but what really kept me going back was the day I couldn't walk in without assistance, and walked out sore but without help... Miracle worker! (And all I did was twist wrong during sleep.) I also saw Dr. Sanchez once and appreciated his total body check up approach. I would highly recommend this clinic... Great front office staff as well!


I just started there. So far so good. My regular Doc wanted to give me shots in my back and I said no. I'm trying this first. I received good care at the Hospitality Ln. office. Twisted my knee and one laser treatment and it's all better. The docs and the ladies working here are great, nice and friendly and very helpful. A great group of people work there. 


For over thirty years, I have dealt with severe lower back pain and muscle spasms that caused sharp stabbing pains in my right leg. Several times a year, the pain became so intolerable that not only did I miss work, but moving from the couch was even a challenge. I even wore a back brace for a six-month period and was prescribed muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatories and painkillers. However, these only provided temporary relief.

      I had never been to a chiropractor before my boss recommended scheduling an appointment, and was skeptical and scared at the thought of having my back adjusted with my history of debilitating spasms caused simply by bending or twisting my back. The staff was very personable and friendly though, and Dr. Rick's examination was extremely professional and thorough. He recommended a treatment plan that consisted of adjustments, therapy, and exercises to help strengthen and stabilize my back. The results were miraculous! I have been treated for about three months, and I am no longer experiencing pain or stiffness, and am still improving. My wife also came to see Dr. Ricks about a month ago with an injured shoulder and a stiff neck, and she too has experienced a remarkable improvement!  I heartily recommend chiropractic care to everyone now. Orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons and others couldn't help me, but Dr. Ricks has!


I first took Timothy to see Dr. Ricks when he was almost three months old. Within days after being born, he screamed and cried constantly and never slept more than 45 minutes straight. He also seemed even more agitated when he was laid on his back or put in his car seat, but we were told he was just colicky and I should try changing my diet or his feeding schedule. We were assured this would pass and there was no reason to worry, but nothing changed.
    Several months later at a family reunion my aunt suggested taking Timothy to a chiropractor. I had previously seen one for numbness in my legs after I had Timothy, and remembered the positive outcome. I felt much better even after my first treatment and I never experienced any symptoms similar to that again! We really like the atmosphere at Dr. Ricks's office, the staff was very nice and pleasant to be around. Dr. Ricks showed me how to rub Timothy's neck at home to help loosen up his muscles, and after only his first visit he stopped crying and slept through the night! After three more visits his neck and back were fully corrected, and he hardly ever cries at all anymore.
    I would recommend seeing a chiropractor first to anyone who is struggling with pain and can't find the cause, not only would this save taking a lot of unnecessary pain medication but it alleviates living with pain for long periods of time. Any time people ask me about my baby I always tell them it was a chiropractor who helped him!


Prior to being treated at Advantage Walk-In Chiropractic, I had never darkened the doors of a chiropractor in my seventy five years. I went because my wife would not got unless I would go, and since I have suffered with lower back pain since the age of seventeen (I was a bomb loader in the air force-I was told by the bigger and older guys that I was too little to pick up a 250 pound bomb…I picked it up and have hurt ever since.) besides my back pain, I was having a lot of pain in my right shoulder, down my arm, and into my hand.
After my first treatment, I have been pain free in my lower back. Now after nineteen treatments, including the first two free treatments, I am pain free in my back, shoulder, arm, and hand.
I thank god for Dr. Ricks and Dr. Marston, and the wonderful staff of ladies at Advantage Walk-In Chiropractic for making me pain free. Also I thank my wife for getting me to go.
Anyone reading this, if you are hurting, this is the place to start getting pain free.


I was taking 9-12 ibuprofen each day, unable to sleep, and was prescribed pain pills for my spinal stenosis and degenerative discs in my lower back before I came to see Dr. Ricks. I was in almost continuous pain since falling in the shower about two years ago. I had back surgery 36 years ago that was successful before my re-injury.

I saw the ad in the paper and the TV ads and decided to check into it. At first I had some doubts-Dr. Ricks said he was sure he could help me so I decided to try it. Everyone was so congenial and kind. The treatments were extremely easy and fast. The doctor always answered my questions I had and the gals in the office and laser therapy were all so kind and pleasant. They are very efficient.

I feel the 62 mile trip (one way) was well worth it. I believe the treatments to be successful and I will continue to do my exercises. I would recommend that people please check this office out to see if they can help you. I know they will be honest with anyone who comes in.

I am so glad I read the ad in the paper and appreciate the two free treatments I received for calling early. The doctors, Ricks and Marston, know their jobs and will help you all they can.


At Advantage Walk-In Chiropractic I found relief after many years of nursing, where I lifted and moved heavy machine, and where patients needed care getting in and out of bed - I used my back and legs for added support.

My back and legs finally gave me severe pain where I was using a cane to walk. Now, after seeing Dr. Ricks and starting on a series of treatments that gave me such relief I couldn't believe it.
The nurses and staff were very efficient and caring; this made treatments a lot easier to take. There was no discomfort at all, it was so relaxing.

I would suggest anyone suffering with pain, give Advantage Walk-In Chiropractic a call, you will be surprised at how well you will feel after a few treatments.
I thank you, Dr. and staff.



Dr. Ricks,

I just wanted to put into words how much your treatments have helped me.

I injured my right shoulder during the summer. The pain was almost debilitating and I sought medical help from the Shoulder Clinic here locally. They treated me with cortisone shots and told me to be patient as it could take up to three months to heal.  The shots gave me no relief and three months later my condition hadn't improved. Because I was approaching my fiftieth birthday, I tried to be patient and give it time. I figured my older body needed more time to heal. The doctor had told me the next option would be surgery and I wanted to avoid that trauma at all possible cost. By Christmas, however, things had gotten much worse. As I planned my new year, I figured I would need to include the surgery.

Then I saw your ad in the Statesman. Being quite desperate, I called and made an appointment. I can't tell you how glad I am that I did. After the initial treatment, I only felt slightly better, but enough that I decided to return. By the end of the third visit the degree of pain had diminished by half. I was so encouraged I scheduled the series of necessary visits for the complete treatment.

Now, two months later, I am virtually pain free. I am slowly beginning to rebuild the strength back in my shoulder and arm and I no longer have to wake up in the mornings feeling like a brick wall. My range of motion is normal and I didn't have to have surgery!

Thank you so much for putting me back on the path to stabile health! Your bedside manner is so personable, I feel like I could call you my friend as well as my doctor.



Before I knew about Dr. Ricks Spinal Decompression and Laser treatments I was suffering from lower back and knee pain from years of employment that involved a lot of bending, standing, twisting, and activities that promote these kinds of problems.

I was a little hesitant at first, it sounded too good to be true, but since I was in so much pain I decided to make an appointment.

I have absolutely no regrets. Both treatments have cured my back pain and eased the knee pain. I waited too long for my knees to be cured I need knee replacements. Don’t wait, make an appointment today and have a consultation with Dr. Ricks and find out for yourself.

Thank you again, Dr. Ricks…


When I first came to Dr. Ricks’ office, I was suffering with a chronic back and leg problem that gave me constant very severe pain.

Previous to this visit, I had been to a chiropractor who, after viewing my x-rays, immediately set me up with a back surgeon. He would not even attempt to adjust my back. He said surgery was the only solution and that might not help. I felt hopeless!!!!!

Needless to say, I was skeptical as I answered Dr. Ricks’ ad in the paper. What he was offering seemed to be too good to be true.

When I entered his office that day I was in so much Pain I was like a hunch back doing a monkey walk.

After approximately three months of the prescribed treatments, I walked away upright and without pain.

Dr. Ricks gave me my life back and I will be forever grateful.

In addition, the office staff (especially Malerie and Chelsey) was very comforting and extremely efficient. Everyone was very pleasant which made for a very wonderful atmosphere.

I love every one of them.


This letter is written to Dr. Jamie Ricks to thank him for everything he has done for me as a result of his treatment, over the past two months.

I will start at the beginning. I joined the California Highway Patrol in March of 1971. After working for 11 years, I spent two weeks at motorcycle school in Sacramento, CA, and thus began my next 6 years as a motorcycle officer working the freeways and streets in southern California. In September of 1987 an automobile swerved out of the carpool lane almost striking my motorcycle. I swerved to avoid the car and as a result struck the concrete pavement. I spent the next several months in physical therapy, while continuing to ride. On June 2nd 1988 while in route home from my last day of physical therapy at a local hospital, I was on a surface street when a car, which was coming from the opposite direction, suddenly swerved left in from of me, trying to turn onto a cross street. I was unable to avoid striking the front of the car. As a result I was ejected into the windshield and over the car onto the pavement, unconscious.

I awoke some hours later in excessive pain. I spent the next eight days in the hospital with two fractured ankles and a herniated disc in my neck which required surgery. I spent the next twelve months in rehab, after which I went back to work - in a car. The doctors stated my motorcycle days were over. The following year I sustained an injury to my left knee which resulted in excessive swelling. The fluid in the knee was drained three times prior to the surgery. The next six months was spent in rehab.

I was back to work in June of 1988, after rehab and back driving a car again. While at the scene of a two-car accident on the freeway I suddenly heard a screeching of tires. I looked over and saw a pickup strike the rear of another car. Suddenly the car swerved to the right across two lands and struck the CHP patrol car; which in turn struck me, throwing me up and back into the concrete block sound wall. The patrol unit was pushed sideways against the sound wall where I just moments before had been standing. My partner could not see me and thought I was under the (CHP unit) patrol car. After striking the sound wall I was thrown to the pavement just behind the unit. My partner yelled for me and I answered him advising him I could not stand because I had no feeling in my legs. An ambulance was requested, and I was transported to the hospital where I was treated and released. I spent the next two weeks getting the feeling back in my legs. Well it was back to work again, on the road driving a car.

I subsequently transferred out of southern California to a San Diego County area office for the last six years of my career, which totaled almost thirty years. I also sustained a back surgery as well as an injury to my right shoulder. The back surgery was in February of 1997. After rehab I was back to work six months later.

My last day I was working of my career was on November 30th 1999. The pain level in my back and down my right leg (sciatica) continued to increase to the point where I could hardly stand and open or close the door of my CHP unit. As a result I had to give up a job which I had spent my life doing, what I had enjoyed for almost thirty years. I finally retired in September of 2000.

The next nine years of retirement would be filled with a second neck surgery, as well as a shoulder surgery, and finally a double hernia surgery. As a result of my fist back surgery, at which time screws and plates were placed in my back to stabilize the low back, I developed intense tingling and numbness to both feet; Damaged nerves, as it was called.

The end result was filled with taking medication every day so I could tolerate the back and neck pain. I had also been treated by two acupuncturists and three chiropractors with only temporary relief after treatments.

I subsequently moved out of state to Idaho. After a lifetime of injuries, surgeries, medication, and physical therapy I read an article in the Idaho Statesman. This article was describing just what my life had been through over the last thirty years. I called and made an appointment to see Dr. Ricks. As a result Dr. Ricks prescribed a specific program over a two month period. I was skeptical at first, but that soon fell by the wayside. As a result of the program which consisted of Spinal Decompression, K-Laser, and chiropractic adjustments provided me with the following:
Reduced pain in my mid-back which I’ve had for 20-30 years, to the point where IT’S GONE.
Also I’ve had pain reduced in my neck, low-back, right shoulder, and right hand. Tingling and numbness in both of my feet was reduced as well as my left knee.

My sincere thanks for a job well done. As a result I’ve been able to cut my pain medication by 50%.


Dr. Ricks,
I feel like a different person since I’ve been having my body popped back into place. I don’t have the hurting in my neck, shoulders, and back like I used to have. The therapy helps too. It’s nice to not hurt anymore. Thanks, also to Malerie, Chelsey & the rest of the crew.




Before I started seeing you I was diagnosed as having carpal tunnel in both hands, the right being dominant it was worse. The pain included numbness and cold/hot sensations. I was told nothing could be done until it either interfered with my sleep or my work, then operation was the only option!!
You have removed the numbness and burning sensations: 100% improvement.
The problems with my upper and lower back has improved a lot, I take fewer pills, so overall a pretty impressive. Much has improved from the first visit to the last. Now my spouse and I will not wait as long before we get back to normal.
We had accepted pain and discomfort as normal; it is nice to know that it doesn’t have to be so.

Cordially we thank you Dr. Jamie & excellent staff.

I had bursitis in my left hip. I had a pretisone shot which helped for a while, but I also had a reaction to the shot so when the pain came back I couldn’t have another shot. I then read the article in the newspaper about the laser treatment Dr. Ricks was giving so I went for a six week treatment and I am now pain free; it has been two weeks now since my last treatment.


When I first came to Dr. Ricks, I couldn’t do anything without pain in my lower back. I was even bed ridden for about a month. I could not get up without pin or down without pain. I was miserable and I did not want to have surgery so when I saw Dr. Ricks’ ad in the Idaho Statesman, I thought it was worth a try. I made an appointment with him and agreed to a six week recovery program. It was the greatest decision I ever made! Except for when I “over do it” at age 78, I am now pain free in my lower back.


I made an appointment with Dr. Ricks because I could not walk without pain in my left knee. From the time I first stepped out of bed in the morning until I climbed back into bed at night I was in pain every step I took all day long. Even while in bed I had a hard time getting comfortable with the pain in my knee, which affected my sleep. When I couldn’t walk, stand for very long, get around the house to make beds, do dishes, or other daily chores, I knew I had to do something or buy a wheelchair! I made an appointment with Dr. Ricks and agreed to six weeks of K-Laser treatment. I now walk pain free……what a blessing!


When I first went to Advantage Walk-In Chiropractic I was using a walker and barely able to walk. After about three weeks of treatments I put the walker away and only use it now if I’m going to go shopping or walk a long way. It’s so good to be able to get around. Thank you and all of your staff.


For years I had suffered with back pain which just grew worse as time went on. I could not bend down to make a bed, lift anything with weight, vacuum floors or even mop my kitchen, or work in my garden.

I had gone to chiropractors which did not help. I finally was advised to go to a pain center - where all they could do was give me drugs and pain medication - that went on for four years. During this time they treated me with injections in my back, all this was only a band aid for the problem.
One Sunday I saw an ad for a chiropractor and he was using a new method of treating acute back pain. After discussing this with my husband I made an appointment. After my fist appointment I had no pain at all. Such a glorious relief.

I now can walk straight up - I can do all of my daily chores, go shopping, and for walks with my dog. Occasionally I have a little ache if I do too much but that too is going away.

Thank you wonderful doctors and technicians for giving me back my life.

God Bless,


After a severe auto accident I was left with severe pins and needle pain in my hands and feet. Every day I had to take medicine for the pain and when the medicine wore off I would have to wait in pain until I could take my next dose. After the laser treatments at Dr. Ricks’ office the pins and needle sensation in my hands and feet were gone! Thank you to Dr. Ricks and his staff!

Forever grateful,


Having lost four inches in height from my spinal compression, I am delighted with the results of the treatment by Dr Ricks and his staff. My life has changed for the good.


My name is Edith. I have suffered with leg aches and back pain for a number of years. I have degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis. I was having two epidurals a year but still had the leg pain at night most of the time. After reading Dr. Ricks’ ad in the paper, I decided to see if he could help me. The treatment was painless and helped me tremendously. I am pain free and able to sleep through the night now. He certainly knew how to help me, which I am so grateful.


I had a terrible pain in my back and my right leg. I was thinking to have a surgery being desperate. I didn’t know what to do to help the pain but after I had talked to two doctors (neurologists) and my family doctor I was not sure if I would go in that direction. Then, my friend gave me the news ad about Dr. Ricks. After two treatments I was already pain free, but I continued to have 8 more treatments to make sure and now I am completely pain free. Thank god and thanks to Dr. Ricks. Also they are all very friendly and helpful.


Thank you Dr. Ricks and staff for helping me to become almost pain free; with the information and exercises you have given me I am confident that the future looks great!


I have to give credit where credit is due - excellent staff and you helped me a great deal - skeptical at first - but successful results.

Thank you,


I have been to a lot doctors in my 71 years and Doctor Ricks has helped my extensively with my back and neck aches - less pain, more freedom of motion.


I was a courier for FedEx for 13 years. My job consisted of a lot of heavy lifting and not always using the proper technique.

For the past 7-10 years I have had issues with my low back. The pain increased in the last two years. I had seen advertisements in the paper about the treatment that Dr. Ricks has to offer. At first I was very skeptical due to the fact that I had spent mega money on all kinds of other treatment options. Nothing worked so I thought I might as well give it a try. I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Ricks before I would have anyone touch my spine surgically. I was still a little leery half way through…stick with his treatment plan! Be diligent about keeping your appointments close together. Also, keep doing the exercises he recommends. I am so thrilled with the results. I can’t express my gratitude enough! Thank you to you all!


I had pain in my neck and back with tingling in my arms and legs for 3½ years with constant, everyday pain. I tried physical therapy and it only helped temporarily. I also tried massage therapy and it helped relax the muscles in my back, but again, only helped for a few days. I was taking muscle relaxers and pain pills regularly and that is when I decided I was in too much pain so I gave Dr. Ricks’ treatment a try. Nothing else had helped and I was told I would have pain for the rest of my life. I was impressed at how good I felt after the treatments and that my pain was going away more and more with each visit. I started being able to do things I haven’t been able to do in a long time. Everyone is very nice, very helpful, and informative. After my series of treatments I have very little pain, walk normal, and after 17 visits my neck and back are completely better and it was worth it!

I would recommend to others in pain to come and give it a try because I did and it has helped me so much!


As with most people in Boise, ID being cautious, conservative, and especially skeptical with “too good to be true” advertising, I eventually talked myself into giving Dr. Ricks a try. Best thing I ever did for my 67 year old body. I’ve had lower back problems for the last 35 years of my life. I’ve had surgery which did a lot of good for a few years, been to numerous chiropractors which always helped for a short period of time, but that old nagging backache just keeps coming back. After the first two sessions with Dr. Ricks’ program, I felt a significant difference. At the end of his program it was obvious that great things had taken place. Most of the time my back feels normal even when playing golf. BIG BIG difference in just two months of treatments. NO, he’s not cheap but neither is Caviar. You get what you pay for. This was the best bang for the buck that I have ever spent on my back. Going further, the office staff is amazing. They all know their jobs and are totally coordinated with their patient’s time. No matter how busy they get, I’ve never had to wait more than 10 minutes for anything. It truly is a pleasant experience.


I had pain in my lower back and left leg for several months, I had gone to a chiropractor for years but this pain was something new so when I saw an ad in the local newspaper I was hoping it would help. I had doubted it at first but after a few treatments I could really tell a difference. I was really impressed with how busy they were and how professional everyone was. I am now 100% better and would recommend the laser and decompression treatments to anyone.


For the past three years I have been suffering from three bulged discs in my lower back. I had a constant stiff back in the morning and pain when my job required me to crawl under equipment. Dr. Ricks’ treatment interested me because of the hope to reverse my condition without surgery. I was very doubtful at first because I have always thought that chiropractors were all quacks, but their treatment worked! Go into it with an open mind.

After about two treatments I started to see a difference in the reduction of pain. The constant lower back pain started to subside. About treatment 8 of 15 I noticed that the next day after playing racquetball I was the not waking up with lower back pain. After treatment 15 my back pain is now far and in between.

The staff is very friendly and greeted me every time I entered the office by my first name. This made me feel at ease and welcome.


I came to Advantage Walk-In Chiropractic after 2-3 years of sharp lower back pain that made my legs numb. I tried regular chiropractic adjustments at another clinic for a year with no success, the only relief came from Excedrin and Aleeve. I decided there was too much pain and I didn’t want an operation so I called and made an appointment. My first impression of the treatment, the office, and the doctor on a scale of 1-10 - I give you a 10! Dr. Ricks has reduced my pain drastically, and sometimes even no pain at all! Everyone at the clinic is upbeat and a joy to see on a daily basis.


I read an article in the newspaper and thought “it if will help…”
I have pain because of a herniated disc in my back, pain and numbness in my leg, and tingling in my foot. I had pain every day; it was hard to sleep at night and I was taking Motrin quite often for the pain but never took away the tingling. I thought I was going to have to get surgery to alleviate the pain. I finally scheduled an appointment to see Dr. Ricks and a little after my first treatment I started noticing that I did not have any tingling. The results have been awesome! The treatments went by fast I could not believe when I was done; definitely give it a try if you want your life back.


I had been suffering from low back and sciatic pain for the last five to ten years that was gradually getting more severe. I had previous chiropractic adjustments but the relief was only for a month or two. I had been watching Dr. Ricks’ TV commercials and heard about the benefits of the treatments so I decided to call and schedule an appointment. I was highly impressed with my entire first experience and after just the first treatment the severe low back pain was gone. It took a couple more to relieve the sciatic pain. No more waking up at night because of my leg pain. I would definitely recommend trying it.


Dear Dr. Ricks and Staff,

I have been to four other doctors in an effort to relive the pain in my back diagnosed by my GP doctor as a compressed disc. I sustained the injury three and a half years ago through improper exercising. I am now 80 years old. The other doctors could not reduce the horrific pain. I was at my wits end when I saw your ad in our local newspaper. You are the fifth doctor I have been to. I answered your ad and started treatment the very next day.

I was blessed by following your treatment. You told me that you thought you could do something for me. After twenty treatments, the pain is gone and I am able to do many of the things that I used to do. I sleep well, walk to and from the car, and am able to go on long trips with no pain. I no longer have to hold on to the railings to enter or exit buildings. I am looking forward to playing golf next year.

Thank you and your staff for a job well done.


After many years of searching through therapy and injections to help solve the pain in my back and leg, I took an unfamiliar giant step, made the appointment, at "Advantage Walk-in Chiropractic".  The clinic is so personal and comfortable, staffed with sweet girls to greet you. Now, on with the free treatment!   The decompression was quite an adventure and proved to be part of the healing that I grew to love.  The laser was so comfortable and soothing that you didn't want it to end. The program was very successful and I am delighted I took that giant step, as I can walk my dog, and shop pain free.  Thank you Dr. Rick's and staff for everything you did to help me get pain free.


I came in to see Dr. Ricks because of a rotator cuff tear in my left shoulder and sacroiliac pain that I had been experiencing for three to four months. I had been taking Soma muscle relaxers and Tramadol pain medicine. My first visit was good, the staff was friendly, it was a clean environment, and they were punctual. I have now become pain free and am coming in to see Dr. Ricks once a month for maintenance in hopes of no relapses. I have recommended this office to my brother and the daughter of a friend in hopes they will experience relief too.


I saw Dr. Ricks’ ad in the paper and decided to take advantage of the two free treatments. I suffered from pain in the neck for over 20 years; lower back, thumbs, knees, and ankles over 5 years. I had herniated disc pain, arthritis, weakness, stiffness, soreness….you name it. I have tried physical therapy, ultrasound, traction, and other techniques to relieve my pain.

I felt immediate positive results. The day after my first treatment I felt my posture had improved. I felt taller; the pain in my thumb had definitely improved along with neck, lower back, ankles, knees, and hip. The doctor and staff were always friendly, professional, and helpful.

I believed that Dr. Ricks’ treatments would work but I had a feeling it wouldn’t last - I came in for my one month free follow up visit and shared with the doctor and staff how amazed I am that I felt sooo good! I am a true believer. My results are wonderful. Sometimes I am surprised by how good I feel and forget that before Dr. Ricks I was in great pain and stress.

This is a great opportunity to get cured without surgery.


I heard an ad that talked about new treatments to eliminate neck and back pain in a way that I had never heard of before. I had a bulging disc in my neck that tingled into my arm. The office was very professional and organized regarding patient flow, insurance, and credit arrangements. It’s been six weeks since I started. Most of the pain and tingling are gone, the pain is very little. Give it a try and see how it can work for you!


My husband went to Advantage Walk-In Chiropractic’s Spine and Disc Center and thought that the laser treatments were great. He talked me into giving it a go to see if it would help my neck, hand, and low back pain. The treatment helped immediately and the doctor and staff were very friendly, like family members. The office was clean and friendly.

It was well worth the help I received and the time involved. I would recommend this office to others who are suffering or are in pain.


I went to a back specialist before coming to Dr. Ricks and had x-rays and an MRI that diagnosed me with a bulging disc between L4-L5 causing pain in my low back and sciatic pain that went from my back all the way down into my foot. At its worst the pain was a 9 lasting 24 hours a day. I tried chiropractic adjustments with no relief. I went through three Cortisone shots, the first one lasted 9 months but the last one didn’t help at all. The only pain medicine I could take was Tylenol as I am allergic to all anti-inflammatory medicine. Ice and heat were my nightly rituals before going to bed, sometimes even an ice pack in the car on the way to work. Since I had tried everything but surgery, I thought that this couldn’t hurt. I also didn’t want to rely on Cortisone shots that only masked the pain and didn’t help my body heal itself. I wasn’t sure about how the laser could help, but wanted to try.

Dr. Ricks and staff talked me through the decompression and laser therapy. After the first visit my pain was almost at zero. It was so strange to walk out and have no pain. Following the plan that Dr. Ricks gave me was what did the trick. Three visits each week for three weeks was inconvenient but the results came. Yes, that took time out of my work day but the results more than paid for my travel time. Once in the office the time went quickly, the staff gets you right in for decompression, laser, and adjustments. The ladies in the office are friendly and inviting.

I would recommend those with back pain or any other pain to try the laser therapy, the fact that your body can heal itself without medication or surgery is amazing! Treatments and the exercises that Dr. Ricks recommends help your body feel strong again.

I am a 50 year old grandma and had no time for back pain. Coming to Dr. Ricks for help was the best thing that I could have done. With little or no pain, I can enjoy playing with my grandkids whether it is volleyball, basketball, or just playing on the swings at the playground, I can be the best that I can be. I also enjoy taking trips on my motorcycles; an 8 hour ride day is no problem. If I am a little stiff, a little of the magic cream and stretches, and I am as good as new.

If I only have to come in for an adjustment once in a while the series of treatments were well worth the cost and time. You can’t put a price on your health.

Thanks again Dr. Ricks and staff!


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