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The doctors are always so caring and attentive. The staff makes me feel at home and always has a smile on their faces. Thank you all!

 Customer since 2014


 Customer since 2014

Very well run office with a very professional staff. Even though I have gone to a good Dr. over here in Emmett he cannot provide the service that you have

 Customer since 2014

I find that you folks really do care, I always look forward to coming out to get my treatments. Thank you, Al

 Customer since 2014

I really appreciate that I was able to get in and get out in a timely manner. Everyone was so kind. It was my first visit of laser therapy so I am just hoping and praying it works for me.

Anonymous Verified Customer

I am so happy I discovered Advantage Spine and Disc. What a great place. Everyone in the front office is so nice and pleasant. Lots of smiles. Dr. Ricks is a magician! Very knowledgeable and clear. He never over-promises and I trust him completely. Plus, he's super cute. :) After just a couple of appointments I am feeling so much better and I understand the process and what we are trying to achieve. I never feel rushed either - Dr. R spends the correct amount of time and seems to genuinely care. Many thanks!

Frederick W Customer since 2013

When I moved to Boise over three years ago I looked for a chiropractor that would just treat me without wanting to sell me a series of treatments. When I found Advantage Spine and Disc I was immediately impressed that they would treat me on my terms and listen to what I had to say. They have a very friendly staff that goes out of the way to make you feel like they appreciate you and your business. It is important to me that I can either make appointments or drop in and still get the same friendly treatment.

Dwayne B Customer since 2014

outstanding, professional yet friendly

Lisa L Customer since 2008

I feel great!

Elizabeth D Customer since 2014

What a laid back pleasant place. The young ladies at the front were so nice and friendly. I was a walk in and I didn't have to wait long at all. As for the procedure: oh my goodness I left there feeling like I had a new lease on life. Dr. Ricks is so good. He is personable, he took the time to explain the human anatomy and my particular issue very well. Plus, the adjustment he did was AAAAAmazing. Thank you. Thanks for having an office filled with nice people.

Edwin T Customer since 2014


Barbra D Customer since 2014

Very professional staff. Dr Ricks explained what to expect and took time for me to understand.. this was my first treatment and I have high hopes this will help the burning and pain of my lower back and legs.

Patricia B Customer since 2014

Everyone was very nice and took very good care of me. Thank you,

Patti b

Mary B Customer since 2014

Great! I'll be back

Larry P Customer since 2011

Super nice staff! Always there with a smile on their face and answers to any questions. Dr. Ricks has really helped my neck issues over the past two years. Great service!!!

Anonymous Verified customer

Dr. Ricks was able to get me in shortly after I injured myself. He is a nice, approachable and professional who is into giving people relief of pain as quickly as possible. I appreciated his friendly demeanor as he helped me find my trouble areas that needed adjusted.

Laurie W Customer since 2014

Great, friendly customer service. I was very impressed, especially since I am from out of the area and here just for a visit. The staff was great and caring. Thanks.

Anonymous Verified customer

Excellent service, front office girls were very friendly and helpful. Dr.Ricks was very thorough and professional. I also appreciated the call back after I was home to see if I felt ok. Thanks J.T.

Kevin K Customer since 2014

I want to thank the girls for being gentle with me and for there patience , I think it has improved my ability to be able to do more things with less pain . I look forward to my next visit.

Shannon C Customer since 2014

Dr. Ricks was very thorough and I felt significantly better immediately. Great Bedside manner and the front desk staff is extremely polite and fast. Anonymous Verified customer I love knowing that my Dr cares what's going on with my bones

Tyson M Customer since 2013

Friendly staff and Doctors

Enrique Q Customer since 2014

They have a wonderful staff and they get you right in.

Anonymous Verified customer

Everything is quick and easy.

Anonymous Verified customer

Prompt friendly service, family friendly atmosphere, we refer whenever we can

Mark H Customer since 2014

 Always a good experience at Advantage.

Anonymous Verified customer

Dr. Ricks takes such good care of me!

Melvin H Customer since 2014

I felt better almost was worth the cost

Alva D Customer since 2014

Staff was friendly and efficient. Dr Ricks provided diagnosis and sufficient information on the problems I am dealing with. I feel that the professional service gave me both some hope for improvement as well as easy non painful procedures.

Ryan E Customer since 2014

Prompt, easy, and courteous. Dr. Ricks was also quick and helpful in taking a look at other joints that had been giving me trouble.

Rodney M Customer since 2014

Dr. Ricks and his staff are professional and cheerful. Service is prompt and there is normally only a very short wait. Anonymous Verified customer My back feels a lot better

Frayne H Customer since 2014

Staff is very friendly, Dr. Ricks is awesome!

Larry P Customer since 2011

Great staff! Always positive & friendly and they make it a point to get you to the doc as fast as possible.

Rodney M Customer since 2014

Great service. Dr. Ricks and his staff were prompt and professional. Dr. Ricks listened to my pain complaints and, after a thorough examination, explained his assessment of my condition in "user friendly" terms.

Steve N Customer since 2009

I have continued to be treated by Dr. Ricks for about 7 years now. I have been to other specialist in the past but he fulfills most all of my needs. They are the most reasonably price, have the best professionalism and is by far the best knowledgeable care (is above and beyond any others that I have known) a person can get.

The only needs that he has not fulfilled is that he has not sponsored my softball team. Though I think he knows that I put Advantage walk-in on all our banners anyway.....Have Fun and Enjoy

Steve W. Needles

Marilyn J Customer since 2014

The entire team at Advantage are professional, caring people. I've always been met with sincere kindness and respect and professional service.

Adalta O Customer since 2011

Always a pleasure to visit and the service was so quick and efficient.

Gail F Customer since 2014

Very friendly

Andrew F Customer since 2014

I felt great when I left the chiropractor office. The doctor gave the adjustment to my back that I needed. Thanks.

Wendy N Customer since 2011

Cristiana is a marvelous massage therapist. She is very sensitive to the tender spots but patiently works through them. I am a regular, every month.

Mark H Customer since 2014

Dr. Ricks is excellent!! I had lower back pain and he took care of me. He knew just what I needed. He and his staff are friendly and helpful!! Awesome experience!!

Donna B Customer since 2005

Great service. They were so good to get me in on a Saturday when I had a lot of pain.

John E Customer since 2014

Dr. Ricks and his staff are pleasant, knowledgeable, and polite. They always greet me by name, and have all my information at their fingertips. Service is prompt and of finest quality. I couldn't ask for, nor expect finer service.

Rilyn J Customer since 2014

I can't thank Dr. Rick & his staff enough for all their good work! My back continues to get better, as is my knee. Living pain free is not just a wish any more, soon it will be a reality. I'm so glad I made this investment in myself!!

Rodney L Customer since 2011

The staff is very friendly. Kudos to Dr. Ricks for treating me with my back and muscle problems

Rick R Customer since 2014

I am truly excited about the course of treatment I am receiving from your office staff. I really believe this will prevent me from having to have a second surgery on my lower back and ultimately save me thousands of dollars and a whole lot of pain! The staff at your office are friendly, courteous, and professional and I am very impressed with all of them. It is a pleasure doing business with you folks.


Nancy L Customer since 2013

My experience has been a very positive one. I was diagnosed with disc protrusion, osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis. Dr Ricks and his staff have helped me in my struggle to heal. I am happy to say I am getting back into the swing of things! I would like to thank Dr. Ricks and his staff for all their efforts aiding in my recovery!

James M Customer since 2008

Dr. Ricks is amazing! The staff is always friendly and have always been helpful. They have kept me pain free for over five years now. I am sad that I will have to find some one else now that I am moving.

David G Customer since 2014

I have had problems with my back for years and have been in to the ER many times. The only kind of treatment I have ever received has been pills of one kind or another. There has never been any attempt made to diagnose the problem. The first time I came in to your office there were x-rays taken, and the machine I was hooked up to with the electrodes greatly reduced my level of pain. Overall I'm very happy with the care I received, and I'm looking forward to continuing seeing you in hopes of eliminating the pain I've been in continuously for the past 10 years.

Adalta O Customer since 2011

From the minute you enter the office everyone knows your name and does their particular jobs in a great, personal manner.

Jean C Customer since 2014

For the first visit, everyone was very accommodating.

Steve N Customer since 2009

Dr. Ricks and his entire staff are helpful, considerate and timely in my needs(attributes that I require). I have been going to Them since 2006 and have no desires to go anywhere else. Steve W. Needles

Marilyn J Customer since 2014

Surprisingly, I felt instant relief in my lower back and knee following my visit there. My lower back pain had subsided such that I was able to get a good nights sleep for the first time in months, and two days after my initial visit I'm not totally "pain free" but significantly BETTER than before my visit. With regards to my knee...just ONE laser treatment and it feels pain or discomfort when walking at all! I also received my first x-ray in many years - which validated my pain due to disc degeneration and will hopefully give me a base-line to use toward my treatment, recovery and future assessments. FINALLY...I received a personal phone call from Dr. Ricks the evening I returned from my first visit -- very surprised to hear from him - he was just checking in to see how I was doing. NOW...THAT'S GREAT SERVICE! Looking forward to my next treatment session.

Diane T Customer since 2010

Dr. Ricks knew where the problem was at and did the adjustment. Feel better already. No headache or nausea. And you ladies are just wonderful and friendly. And Christiana, you're the best! Thank you all for being here for me!

Gabriela B Customer since 2014

My neck is very painful very often, and has been even more so after a minor traffic accident the end of October. Because of the 2 free laser treatments, we decided to go in to see Dr. Ricks and try the laser therapy. I was amazed at how quickly Dr. Ricks understood my situation. He completely adjusted what he "normally" does to my extremely sensitive neck and body. So many people just "do what they do" and that usually results in much pain for me. He even called that first evening to be sure I was doing well. There was no pressure for "more visits" and "more money." I really like him personally and all the others in his office were very nice. It was a very pleasant experience. I would definitely encourage anyone who is toying with the idea of seeing Dr. Ricks, to go ahead and go. His years of experience make a difference.

Mark H Customer since 2014

Great people! Dr Ricks was genuinely concerned and knew exactly what was needed! I feel great after just two visits, but I still look forward to future visits to continue healing.

John C Customer since 2014

had a great experience with the stuff and RIcks

Jerry R Customer since 2013

I started going to Advantage Walk-in a short time ago because of a TV commercial.

I have found that Dr. Ricks is very open and it is easy to discuss spinal issues with him.

I have had very good experiences with Chelsea and Alex (laser techs), and I think that I am starting to see some improvement with my back issues.

Jeffrey H Customer since 2014

Nice people and very prompt service , I also felt better the very next day

Emily S Customer since 2014

Friendly, clean, organized, informative, providing a great service. I have already shared this information with a friend who would benefit from Dr. Ricks.

Anonymous Verified customer

Very short wait, pleasant personable staff. Dr Ricks very knowledgeable, took care of my problem right away.