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If you or a loved one have been in an auto accident and live in the Boise or Treasure Valley area, our auto accident relief center can help!

In 2011, the latest year for which totals are available, there were almost 21,000 motor vehicle crashes in Idaho, and more than 8,000 of them involved injuries to drivers or passengers. In fact, according to the Idaho Department of Transportation, one person was injured every 48 minutes in a vehicle accident, somewhere in the state.Boise Auto accident

Long after all those crunched cars, trucks and motorcycles are towed to repair shops or junkyards, the effects of the injuries often linger. It’s a nagging pain that won’t go away, or a twinge felt deep inside your neck or back when you turn a certain way. You find yourself avoiding some types of movement. You walk a little more slowly or cautiously. You may have trouble sleeping. When you talk with a doctor about it, you may be given a muscle relaxant or a cervical collar and told to “just give it time.” But you’re the one living in your body – and you know that, perhaps even months after the accident, something still isn't working right.

The topic of surgery might come up, too. That’s expensive, not only financially but in terms of recovery time – and most of all, it’s scary. Not everyone has the best possible outcome, long-term, and there are plenty of complications that you may already have been warned about.

We strongly recommend a different post-car-crash option: chiropractic care. It’s a highly skilled, drug-free way to allow your body to heal naturally after the trauma of an auto accident. Chiropractic is a common-sense approach to recovery. You probably got a good jolt from the crash impact. Let us pinpoint exactly how and why the painful “aftershocks” are occurring, and use a variety of cutting-edge therapies to focus on relief for those areas.

At Advantage Walk In Chiropractic we have extensive experience treating people who have been in car accidents. Our treatment strategies include a combination of gentle neck or back disc decompression, use of state-of-the-art laser therapy to promote faster healing, traditional chiropractic adjustments, and exercises tailored to your specific injury and symptom relief.

Common conditions we see and treat include the neck injury known as whiplash, which happens when a person’s torso is forced forward during a crash, while their head and neck are thrust backward. Getting hit from behind is often the reason for this sudden trauma, considered a type of sprain or strain. People experience a wide range of symptoms, from the obvious neck and shoulder pain, stiffness and headaches, to jaw pain and weakness in the arms. It’s possible that the crash crunched a vertebra in the neck, causing it to pinch a nerve that affects other parts of the body.

We see many people who come into our office thinking of themselves as “accident victims.” Our goal is to work with them to take control of their lives and good health again. No victims here! Only folks who are happy to hear a thorough, understandable explanation of what’s going on in their bodies and what can be done about it.

And finally, if you've survived an auto accident, you've been through enough already! We are happy to work with your insurance company and/or arrange reasonable payment options for your treatments. This process should be just as pain-free as you will feel after experiencing first-rate Boise, ID auto accident care.  

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