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Posted on 08-30-2016

Keep Your Spine Happy and Healthy

If you want to avoid back pain, maintain a healthy spine and just feel better overall, check out these easy tips for optimum spinal health:

Rest your spine while sleeping

When you lie down, the structures in your spine that worked hard all day finally have the opportunity to relax and be revitalized. Make the most of sleeping or resting with a mattress and pillows that allow your spine to rest in a supported, comfortable way. A good, supportive mattress ensures the best support and sleeping position for your spin, and fortunately there are plenty of available mattresses that can help with this.

Strengthen your core

The abdominal and lower back muscles need to be strong and supple to support your spine and relieve pressure from your lower back. Most of us don't use core muscles during every day activities, so they need be toned through specific, targeted exercises. Core exercises are simple and can be performed in 20 or 30 minutes as part of a daily exercise routine.

Support your spine with good shoes

Whether you're walking for exercise or just to get to a destination, the shoes you wear play an important role in supporting your lower back. Good, supportive shoes will help your body and spine remain in alignment. Make sure the area of the shoe that fits the back of your heels is snug without being overly tight. A good fit in the heel prevents over pronation or supination (too much rolling of the foot to the outside or inside).

Get a massage

A massage has a number of therapeutic benefits in addition to stress relief. When you get a good massage it increases endorphins in your bloodstream, which are the body's natural painkillers. Massages also encourage blood flow and bring curative nutrients to the affected area and speed up healing.

Limit sitting time and practice proper sitting ergonomics

The discs of your lower spine are under three times the pressure while sitting compared to standing. Long periods of sitting can create or aggravate a painful back condition, since we tend to slouch and lean forward when sitting at a desk. Do whatever you can to avoid sitting for long periods of time. Try working at a standup desk and getting up to walk around every 20 to 30 minutes. The spine is meant to move in order to stay healthy.

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