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Most Effective Stretches

Most Effective Stretches

    Stretching is an essential part of staying healthy. Stress from work and home can cause tension to build up inside you, and stretching will help relieve this. Stretching can be done in many circumstances, which makes it easy to fit it into your daily routine. So make sure to get a couple good stretches in each day to help loosen and relieve your body of built-up tension.

On the Go

    Finding time to stretch can be difficult. Sometimes the best time to stretch is when you are at work. You can easily do some simple stretches at your desk while you work. This way you are hitting two birds with one stone; you can get work done and stretch at the same time. Here are 12 Exercises at Your Desk recommended by WebMD:

  1. “Just stand up and sit down - no hands

  2. Substitute exercise for sitting - while you work
    Get rid of your desk chair and substitute an exercise ball

  3. Shrug your shoulder - to release the neck and shoulders

  4. Loosen the hands with air circles

  5. Point your funders - good for hands, wrists, and forearms

  6. Release the upper body with a torso twist

  7. Do leg extensions - work the abs and legs
    Grab the seat of your chair to brace yourself and extend your legs straight out in front of you so they are parallel to the floor.

  8. Stretch your back with a “big hug” [around yourself]

  9. Cross your arms - over the shoulder and upper back

  10. Stretch your back and shoulders with a “leg hug”
    Lean over, chest to knees, letting your arms dangle loosely to the floor. Release your neck.”


    With all of these options to stretch at work, there is no reason that you should be tight from sitting in a chair all day. Stretching during work will lift your mood and make you feel better. This will overall make your day happier and more productive, and you will be able to leave work each day without feeling sore and exhausted.

Static Stretching

    Static stretches are stretches that you do while staying still. These types of stretches are done for up to thirty seconds. A lot of the best static stretches are stretches done in many yoga classes. Yoga stretches are often oriented towards relieving tensions in your body and releasing toxins. These are simple stretches that can be done in the morning, at night, or even throughout the day. One of the most important parts of these stretches is to make sure you hold each one in place for at least 10 seconds, but preferably longer. If you do not hold it for at least 10 seconds that the stretch will not achieve anything.

  1. Downward Dog - place your feet shoulder width apart and bend over, placing your hands shoulder-width apart in front of your body, making a V shape. This is a great full body stretch.

  2. Child’s Pose - kneel on the ground with your legs together, and bend over your legs extending your arms in front of you. This is a very relaxing stretch that works well to do before bed, or when you are stressed out.

  3. Touching Your Toes - you can do this standing or sitting down. Just simply reach down as close to your toes and you can. You can do this with both legs together or each leg separately.

  4. Quads Stretch - Hold onto a pole or a sturdy object if you need help with balance, and then hold one leg at a time against the back of you. Then do the same for the other leg. This will help with release tension that is built up in your legs.