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Posted on 06-13-2016

textingIs your neck constantly hurting? It may be due to a habit we are all guilty of; staring at our phones for hours a day. Sometimes, we think it can't be avoided because we have to check our email, our texts, and our social media; what are the repercussions? Learn about why being hunched over on your phone all day is bad for you and how you can change this bad habit. 

There is actually a term for the pain caused when we look at our phones too often. It is known as "text neck." Text neck is becoming an increasingly widespread issue, and some are even saying that it could become as big of an issue as arthritis

The amount of time we spend on our phones is detrimental to our necks and spine because, when we look at our cell phones, our necks are tilted forward, and that can put a lot of strain on them. Just think about it, your head isn't weightless. If the average human head is 10 or 11 pounds, and we are constantly craning forward over our phones, that is going to do a number on our necks. The weight supported by your neck and spine increases the more you tilt your head. 

Constantly looking at our phones like this is bad news for the long-term effects on the neck and spine. In the short term, many are sure to feel pain from "text neck." In the long term, you may experience further pain and muscle strain, and more serious conditions such as a pinched nerve, change in the curve of your neck, or developing a hunchback. 

Just think about how much of an impact "text neck" is having on teens and young adults. Those demographics are looking at their phones almost 24/7, and you can be sure they aren't doing so with perfect posture! To reverse the effects that text neck will have on future generations, we need to start curing it now. 

There are ways to minimize neck pain when using a cell phone. First off, try and practice better posture when you are on your phone. This means not hunching over all the time and not moving your neck in order to see your phone. Try to move your eyes more than your neck and back. 

An alternate option is to practice good overall posture regularly, even when you are not using your phone. If your body is used to being in a correct position, you won't feel the need to hunch over as much on your phone. Even if you do hunch forward a little, when you are constantly trying to practice good posture, you are minimizing the effects that hunching over will have on your neck and spine. 

While we can't fully stop our cell phone usage, we have to make sure we protect our spine. A good way to combat "text neck" is to visit a chiropractor for a spinal adjustment. When you visit a chiropractor regularly, they can ensure that your spine is correctly aligned. Advantage Walk-In Chiropractic in Boise can help you. If you are experiencing "text neck" or want a spinal adjustment anyway, come in for an appointment today! 

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