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Posted on 06-07-2016

Areoffice work you experiencing back pain and not sure why? Chances are that it is not stemming from a serious issue, but due to some habits that you could be doing everyday. Here are some of those habits that you can fix and conquer your back pain! 

Sitting at a desk all day 

Sitting all day can put a lot of stress and pressure on your back. Even if you are not feeling any back pain now, continuing to do this will cause bad back pain in the future. If you do have to sit at a desk all day, try not to slouch, and take breaks every hour or two to walk around a little, or even do some stretches. This could make all the difference. 

Your mattress

If your mattress is too firm, or even too soft, then that could be causing your back pain. Investing in a memory foam mattress, or finding a mattress with medium-firmness, is probably your best bet. When your mattress is old, it can also put you more at risk for back pain. The way you sleep also makes a difference. Sleeping on your back or side is much better for your back than sleeping on your stomach. 

Your shoes

Wearing high heeled shoes is bad for your back. When you wear high heels compared to flats, your spine is not aligned, causing back pain. If you have to wear heels, a trick to reducing back pain is switching to lower heels with a height of two inches of less. Avoid wearing any type of shoe that is worn out as well, because worn out soles can increase the chance of back pain. You don't have to stop wearing high heels or non-supportive shoes altogether. Switch up the types of shoes you wear and you should be fine. 


When you stress, your muscles become more tense, and you can experience back pain. Stress can come from school, work, or other sources; all of which are unavoidable. Try and de-stress with a good book or by taking a walk outside to help your back out a little more. 

Diet and Exercise

Although you might not want to exercise when your back hurts, avoiding exercise can actually make it worse (Here is an article that will help you determine an exercise routine that is good for your back). Eating unhealthy is also bad for your back, as being overweight causes more back pain. So try and eat healthy, exercise, and get to a healthy weight range. This way, more pressure won't be put on your back. 


This one may surprise you, but smoking actually increases your chances of back pain. There are a few reasons why smoking could cause back pain. Circulation is reduced when you smoke, and calcium is absorbed less easily. The former can cause degenerative change and the latter can prevent your bones from growing, all leading to back pain. Quitting smoking is a win-win, because it will not only reduce chances of back pain, but also risks for other serious conditions such as cancer and heart disease. 

If you stop or limit these activities and habits, you will definitely begin to see a change in how your back feels. Here are even more reasons why you could be experiencing back pain. Of course, not all back pain can be cured by stopping some bad habits. At Advantage Walk-In Chiropractic, we can help cure your more serious back pain. Come in today! 

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