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Posted on 12-10-2014

Merry Christmas!

Welcome to our first blog-post.  Every couple of weeks I will be presenting a small sampling of what is going on in the world of Chiropractic.  I will be dealing with subjects ranging from exercises that we should be doing to strengthen our low back and core muscles, to different recipes that are nutritious and downright taste good.  I am also open to answering questions that you may have that are relevant to the Chiropractic community. 

What to expect on your first visit:

If you are new to our office, you will fill out the initial paperwork that will give us information on your health history, the history of your injury, insurance information, ect..

One of our Chiropractors will then take you through a comprehensive exam that will include orthopedic tests, neurologic tests, x-rays if needed and physical movement assessments that will help us determine the diagnosis and the best method for treating your condition. 

We will then discuss with you the treatment options that our Chiropractor has lined out for you.  These treatments will range from traditional Chiropractic adjustments of the spine and/or extremities, soft tissue therapies such as instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization or proprioceptive tape, spinal decompression, cold laser, to name a few.

The Chiropractor will then lay out a treatment plan with the patient that will be specifically designed to their needs.  The choice is then up to the patient on how we will proceed.  If the main goal of the patient is to simply get out of pain, then we will work towards that goal.  If however, the patient wishes to find the root cause of the problem, we will then dig deeper to find why the injury keeps showing up periodically messing with their life.  This could be anywhere from posture imbalances to muscle weakness.

As a Chiropractor and a Personal Trainer, I feel movement and exercise is the key to pain free life.  I know that is probably over-simplifying things a bit, but generally it is true.  One of the best low back exercises out there is walking.  That's right, walking.  Bad back, bad knees, bad hips all benefit from walking.  We live in a beautiful place here in Idaho, so lets make sure we are taking advantage of that and get moving (now that the snow and ice are in the picture, please be careful out there).

That is all for now.  Next time I'll stay on the subject of exercise and discuss my top "core" movements and how to do them correctly. 

Dr. Steve          

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